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 (sĭd′ər, -o͝or′)
n. pl. sid·du·rim (sĭ-do͝or′ĭm, sĭ′do͝o-rĭm′)
A Jewish prayer book for everyday use.

[Mishnaic Hebrew siddûr, arrangement, from siddēr, to arrange, derived stem of sādar; see sdr in Semitic roots.]


(siːˈduːr; English ˈsɪdʊə)
n, pl -durim (-duːˈriːm) , -durs
(Judaism) Judaism the Jewish prayer book
[literally: order]


(ˈsɪd ər, sɪˈdʊər; Heb. siˈdur)

n., pl. sid•du•rim (sɪˈdʊər ɪm; Heb. si duˈrim) sid•durs.
a Jewish prayer book designed for use chiefly on days other than festivals and holy days. Compare mahzor.
[< Hebrew siddūr literally, arrangement]


A prayer book used in the synagogue and for the chanting of prayers.
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"If I'm here, could I throw my siddur at the person?
As the third aliyah, a woman, ascended the bimah on a recent Saturday morning for the weekly Conservative service at the Jewish Cultural and Community Center (known by the English acronym JC3) in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I reached for the only spiral-bound siddur left, one with a Spanish translation, and slipped into a seat in the former warehouse building, now renovated into a synagogue that is home to 198 members.
"At the Saturday morning service, Noah will lead a workshop exploring the creative readings and poetry found on the left side of the page of our Siddur, Mishkan T'filah, which he and other composers have used to create new musical settings for contemporary Reform prayer," Cantor Rudnick said.
(7.) The older but very influential 1928 Siddur Otzar Ha-tefilot (Vilna: Romm), pp.
Write them on the doorposts of your houses and gates (The Koren Siddur, 99, emphasis mine).
In the final essay, "Silent Sounds: Musical Iconography in a Fifteenth-Century Jewish Prayer Book", Suzanne Wijsman examines the Oppenheimer Siddur, a small prayer book illustrated by Asher bin Yitzljaq for use by his family.
along with the samovar and the siddur (the Hebrew prayer book).
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: bruise; bruised; bruit; bruited; brut; brute; buried; burse; burst; busied; busier; bust; busted; buster; bustier; debur; debus; debut; disbud; disturb; DISTURBED; drub; druse; dude; duds; duet; durst; dust; dusted; duster; dustier; etui; rebus; rebut; redbud; rudd; ruddiest; rude; rudest; rued; ruse; rust; rusted; siddur; stub; stud; studied; sturdied; subedit; sudd; sued; suer; suet; suit; suite; suited; surd; sure; true; trued; tube; tubed; tuber; turbid; udder; used; user.
Libro de Oracyones: Ferrara Ladino Siddur, Lancaster, CA.: Labyrinthos.
The parties have made a Kinyan Siddur with a garment that may be used for that purpose in order to effectuate this Declaration of Trust.
The Shema and its Blessings, from the traditional Ashkenazi Evening Service, Koren Siddur
I want to understand better what is being read, sung, and prayed, and wander over the pages of the Siddur with a critical eye, trying to become interested, finding food for thought in certain ritual formulas, regretting the lack of poetry in many of the translations--in short, relying on my intellect to engage the emotions ...