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Noun1.side chapel - a small chapel off the side aisle of a churchside chapel - a small chapel off the side aisle of a church
chapel - a place of worship that has its own altar
church building, church - a place for public (especially Christian) worship; "the church was empty"
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"The crypts should be located under the nave of the church and the side chapel,"Harar said, as quoted by Korzar.It is not known how many people are buried in them.
The Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit leads the first mass in a side chapel two months to the day after a devastating fire engulfed the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, in Paris, France June 15, 2019.
The service held in a side chapel was conducted by Michel Aupetit, the archbishop of Paris, who also wore at hard hat as a safety measure.
Only around 20 clergy will be invited to attend the holy office that will be held in a side chapel, as the main chapel is still unusable and full of debris.
The tapestries have been shuttled over the years from crypt to apse, transept, and side chapel. Around 1940, they were restored at a Manhattan workshop run by Baroness Wilhelmine von Godin, a dynamic immigrant from Munich who let journalists watch her in action.
This side chapel at the church features images of the Divine Mercy and St.
In Prague Cathedral there is a side chapel with a book of remembrance with the names of the men who died in the service of the RAF.
A tangible reminder of his uncle, the reliquary was displayed alongside a film and slideshow of him when he was alive; a reminder reinforced as we leave the side chapel and notice a collection of similar pots, funerary urns, all empty, waiting for their inhabitants.
We then celebrated the eucharist and blessings and the Rev Robin had a laying on of hands and healing in the side chapel. Children of the Sunday Club with Jenny and Martin Guilding did a song with actions and the story of Pentecost.
Arrangements by Burns's River side Chapel Florence Funeral Home.
Much of the original church is now gone and what remains was once part of the 15th Century side chapel. Another historic landmark which has received attention are the remains of Armstrong Park windmill, which once processed grain from the farms in the Heaton area but was in ruins by 1844.
For nearly 40 years the door to the side chapel containing the mural remained mainly shut and the imposing image was rarely seen.