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Noun1.side of bacon - salted and cured abdominal wall of a side of pork
gammon - hind portion of a side of bacon
side of pork - dressed half of a hog carcass
bacon - back and sides of a hog salted and dried or smoked; usually sliced thin and fried
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The Terror of the Seas had brought a side of bacon, and had about worn himself out with getting it there.
There he lay like a tortoise enclosed in its shell, or a side of bacon between two kneading-troughs, or a boat bottom up on the beach; nor did the gang of jokers feel any compassion for him when they saw him down; so far from that, extinguishing their torches they began to shout afresh and to renew the calls to arms with such energy, trampling on poor Sancho, and slashing at him over the shield with their swords in such a way that, if he had not gathered himself together and made himself small and drawn in his head between the shields, it would have fared badly with the poor governor, as, squeezed into that narrow compass, he lay, sweating and sweating again, and commending himself with all his heart to God to deliver him from his present peril.
There was a fifty-pound sack of corn meal, and a side of bacon, ammunition, and a four-gallon jug of whisky, and an old book and two newspapers for wadding, besides some tow.
Whisper that there's a gold strike at the North Pole, and that same inevitable white-skinned creature will set out at once, armed with pick and shovel, a side of bacon, and the latest patent rocker--and what's more, he'll get there.
The tea, sugar, and spices were at her back, a side of bacon swung over her head, and a net full of lemons dangled before her face.
The influencer later shared her breakfast of french toast with bourbon maple syrup and fresh fruit compote with a side of bacon at The Highlight Room, captioning the instastory with 'Breakfast with a view'.
There will be a limit to one side of bacon per person with any order, the company said.
A side of bacon or sausage with your eggs may be a breakfast staple you've enjoyed for years, and you might not think twice about a trip to the deli to pick up some corned beef or salami for sandwiches.
English has a light, down-to-earth writing style that makes the idea of whipping up a batch of pies or home-curing a side of bacon seem like a snap.
French toasts and pancakes include Velluto Rosso Pancake, three-layered red velvet button pancakes topped with whipped cream, blueberries and powdered sugar with mixed fruits on the side; and French Toast Canella de Crema, cinnamon-flavored French toast drizzled with cream cheese and served with a side of bacon and sunny side up egg.
The skills of being a shop assistant in those days included the ability to accurately add up columns of figures and being able to bone a side of bacon.
Something light with a side of bacon two sides of bacon and pie