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Noun1.side yard - the grounds at either side of a houseside yard - the grounds at either side of a house
curtilage, grounds, yard - the enclosed land around a house or other building; "it was a small house with almost no yard"
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She did not tread the solid ground at all, or have any sense of belonging to the common human family, until she entered the side yard of the brick house and saw her aunt Miranda standing in the open doorway.
in equipment side yard, run manufacturer~s recommended maintenance on all inverters, replace inverter #1 damaged in lighting strike, and troubleshoot to get inverter #6 operational.
The applicants sought relief from Section 5(3)(i)(ii) of the Zoning By-law to permit an extension of a legal non-confirming use for an interior side yard setback of 2.
Outside, the back garden has a paved side yard having gate to the side entrance, paved patio area with steps up to patio garden with well stocked borders and fencing to all sides.
In addition, there is a side yard for bin storage or parking.
Two years ago, with a little help from my husband, I converted a side yard to a container garden patterned after the French potager (kitchen garden).
A viable strategy for the ground floor space along Avenue 8 would be conversion to retail space, especially since the property benefits from a 36-foot wide side yard with southern exposure that could potentially combine with 84 feet already built, subject to zoning floor area ratios.
The following day when I came home from work, a truckload of cow manure had been delivered to our side yard, which I had ordered to enrich the soil where I intended to start a garden.
It takes up the entire side yard and half the tiny backyard (a garage occupies the rest).
Side Yard LLC: Purchased a 93,000-square-foot industrial warehouse and showroom at 26455 Ruether Ave.
she had made herself tea sat alone in the small side yard the string of