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Adj.1.side-to-side - alternately left and right with respect to a central point; "the side-to-side motion of the boat"
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The study, conducted by Matthew Romoser from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, found that drivers 70 to 89 years old can best learn to use more side-to-side glances when executing turns at intersections when they practice adding more side glances in a hands-on driving simulator, compared to hearing a lecture.
For example, athletes who participate in sports requiring repetitive unilateral rotational movement, such as tennis and baseball have experienced differences in their side-to-side (bilateral) joint ROM (4, 9, 17, 19).
Side-to-side variation, front and back, rock step in place, clockwise and counterclockwise movement.
Professor Max Kurz, from the University of Houston in Texas, said, 'Compared to other terrestrial animals, penguins have an excessive amount of side-to-side waddling motion.
My technical services team has observed many out of level or out of alignment situations causing liner and single face web side-to-side temperature differentials of over 90 degrees F resulting in moisture removal differentials of over 2 1/2%.
Combining industry-leading performance, comfort and style--including longer battery life for improved ease of use--these new devices offer a unique side-to-side spin on innovation and are unlike any peripherals on the market.
Specifically, earthquake waves with side-to-side ground motions tend to travel faster through Earth's shell than do those with up-and-down movements, Romanowicz explains.
The PTX3 allows 178 degrees of side-to-side rotation and is approved for use on Bobcat 325, 328, 331 and 334 excavators.
If, subsequently, the melt in each branch could somehow be rotated or flipped so that its symmetry was no longer top to bottom, but side-to-side, at the next split the flow fed to each cavity would be of equal temperature, pressure, and viscosity.
The maximum allowable side-to-side temperature variation on liner, medium, single face web, and combined board is 6"F (3C) measured at a constant line speed.