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(sīd′wē′lər, -hwē′-)
A steamboat with a paddle wheel on each side.

side′-wheel′ adj.
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Noun1.side-wheeler - a paddle steamer having a paddle wheel on each side
paddle steamer, paddle-wheeler - a steam vessel propelled by paddle wheels
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The volume chronicles the work of Captain Moses Rodgers and his Savannah Steam Ship Company as they designed and built the first ocean-going hybrid sail and side-wheeler and sailed in the summer of 1819 from Savannah, Georgia to Liverpool, Sweden and Russia before returning to America.
Especially noteworthy are details seen in the background, including a steam locomotive passing over a stone bridge, a steam side-wheeler river boat, and the scene of a farmstead with a young family, their dog and a mowing machine passing over a wooden bridge.
Our team built two 3-D puzzles: a side-wheeler from the steam era and a modern towboat.