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adj. Sports
Thrown with or marked by a sideways motion of the arm between shoulder and hip height and relatively parallel to the ground: a sidearm baseball pitch.

side′arm′ adv.
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side′ arm`

a weapon, as a pistol or sword, carried at the side or in the belt.



1. with a swinging motion of the arm moving to the side of the body at or below shoulder level and nearly parallel to the ground: to pitch sidearm.
2. thrown or performed sidearm.
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Adj.1.sidearm - (of pitches) made with the arm moving parallel to the ground; "a sidearm pitch"
Adv.1.sidearm - in a sidearm manner; "he prefers to throw sidearm"
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[ˈsaɪdɑːrm] narme f de poing
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DeMille epic "North West Mounted Police" (1940), where it was the sidearm of co-star Preston Foster.
The origin of Ewell Blackwell's nickname--The Whip--seems as simple as it appears, as the five-time All-Star had a "whip-like" sidearm delivery.
Coast Guard's cadets and Guardsmen the ability to practice gun-handling, conduct target practice in various environments and train in realistic force-on-force scenarios with a pistol that has the same look and feel of their issued P229 sidearm," said Joe Huston, VP and GM of SIG AIR.
so everybody in due time will have a sidearm,' he said.
Two tricks: one, "feathering" the landing, and two, casting sidearm to change your bait's trajectory.
Tampa, Florida, replaced its current serice gun with the P320, and most recently the pistol was made the official sidearm for the Virginia State Police.
The sidearm riding in my IWB holster is a Ruger Vaquero in .45 Colt.
He said that the seized firearm and ammunition did not belong to the police as the former was not a standard-issue sidearm.
Axon announced the first law enforcement agencies who have partnered with Axon to roll out the Signal Sidearm technology to their police forces.
It was with this sidearm I attended one of Ray Chapman's clinics.
Federation members are being asked whether they would be willing to carry a sidearm or carry a Taser to keep both themselves and the public safer.