A part forming the side of something else: a chair with curved sidepieces.
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a part forming the side of something
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a piece forming a side or a part of a side of something.
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To play a character that isn't just a sidepiece, a girlfriend, a daughter, a wife, whatever is something that still needs to be worked on in the industry."
Get one sidepiece and position it on a table in front of you with the straight edge toward you and the finished (fuzzy) side of the material facing down.
When Katie admits that she has never been in Jeremy's place and that he's been secretive about phone calls, Portia concludes that the news program segment producer is just a sidepiece." This guy has a girlfriend and you ain't it," Portia tells Katie.
Fasten a sidepiece cut from a cedar fence board across the top of the uprights with weatherproof wood glue and 1 3/4-inch No.
They record a first-person view, and videos can be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with the flick of a button on the sidepiece. A red light on the front warns your subjects they are being recorded.
He developed an operating table with a built-in sidepiece resembling a saddle to exert sufficient counter traction.
One canvas is a fragmented gray octagon, another takes a dizzying sidepiece of interlocking rectangles and paints them--with painstaking clarity--in more traditional hues of brown, orange and forest green.
Her spectacles were badly scored on one lens with one sidepiece and the nose pads being severely distorted.
The bottom piece is 6.9 x 4 cm; the lid is 7.5 x 4.4 cm; and the sidepiece is 8.2 cm long (Fig.
I nail a short sidepiece to a long sidepiece, then fasten the corner supports.
Tariq continues to be disrespectful, but when he calls Angela his "sidepiece," Ghost grabs his son in anger.
STICK ON: Sheepskin sidepiece BAND AID: Gerry Supple secures the brushing boots to protect Consigliere's tendons READY TO GO: The fitted saddle, numbercloth and breast girth PEDICURE: Consigliere has oil brushed on to his hoofs EYE EYE: The visor and sheepskin noseband REIN-ING SUPREME: David Pipe, the master of Pond House, gets close up and personal with various bridles in the tack room THE FULL MONTY: Consigliere fully kitted out and (inset) in action