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intr.v. side·slipped, side·slip·ping, side·slips
1. To slip or skid to one side.
2. To slide sideways and downward in skiing.
3. To fly sideways and downward in an airplane along the lateral axis to reduce altitude without gaining speed or as the result of banking too deeply.

side′slip′ n.
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1. (Automotive Engineering) a sideways skid, as of a motor vehicle
2. (Aeronautics) a sideways and downward movement towards the inside of a turn by an aircraft in a sharp bank
vb, -slips, -slipping or -slipped
(Aeronautics) another name for slip112
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v. -slipped, -slip•ping,
n. v.i.
1. to slip to one side.
2. (of an airplane) to slide sideways in a downward direction toward the center of the curve described in turning.
3. an act or instance of sideslipping.
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Past participle: sideslipped
Gerund: sideslipping

I sideslip
you sideslip
he/she/it sideslips
we sideslip
you sideslip
they sideslip
I sideslipped
you sideslipped
he/she/it sideslipped
we sideslipped
you sideslipped
they sideslipped
Present Continuous
I am sideslipping
you are sideslipping
he/she/it is sideslipping
we are sideslipping
you are sideslipping
they are sideslipping
Present Perfect
I have sideslipped
you have sideslipped
he/she/it has sideslipped
we have sideslipped
you have sideslipped
they have sideslipped
Past Continuous
I was sideslipping
you were sideslipping
he/she/it was sideslipping
we were sideslipping
you were sideslipping
they were sideslipping
Past Perfect
I had sideslipped
you had sideslipped
he/she/it had sideslipped
we had sideslipped
you had sideslipped
they had sideslipped
I will sideslip
you will sideslip
he/she/it will sideslip
we will sideslip
you will sideslip
they will sideslip
Future Perfect
I will have sideslipped
you will have sideslipped
he/she/it will have sideslipped
we will have sideslipped
you will have sideslipped
they will have sideslipped
Future Continuous
I will be sideslipping
you will be sideslipping
he/she/it will be sideslipping
we will be sideslipping
you will be sideslipping
they will be sideslipping
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been sideslipping
you have been sideslipping
he/she/it has been sideslipping
we have been sideslipping
you have been sideslipping
they have been sideslipping
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been sideslipping
you will have been sideslipping
he/she/it will have been sideslipping
we will have been sideslipping
you will have been sideslipping
they will have been sideslipping
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been sideslipping
you had been sideslipping
he/she/it had been sideslipping
we had been sideslipping
you had been sideslipping
they had been sideslipping
I would sideslip
you would sideslip
he/she/it would sideslip
we would sideslip
you would sideslip
they would sideslip
Past Conditional
I would have sideslipped
you would have sideslipped
he/she/it would have sideslipped
we would have sideslipped
you would have sideslipped
they would have sideslipped
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Noun1.sideslip - an unexpected slide
glide, coast, slide - the act of moving smoothly along a surface while remaining in contact with it; "his slide didn't stop until the bottom of the hill"; "the children lined up for a coast down the snowy slope"
2.sideslip - a flight maneuver; aircraft slides sideways in the air
airplane maneuver, flight maneuver - a maneuver executed by an aircraft
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[ˈsaɪdslɪp] N (Aer) → deslizamiento m lateral
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[ˈsaɪdˌslɪp] (Skiing)
1. nderapata, dérapage m inv
2. viderapare
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Free-stream Mach number was taken as 0.75 for all computational runs while sideslip and angle of attack values vary between 0 and 5.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) ensures the automatic correction of excessive steering, insufficient steering, sideslip and tail-swing under various driving conditions.
Our off-roading consisted of mud and steep hills with some sideslip. The vehicle managed to send power to the correct wheel so as not to be buried in wheel spin while the increased ride height helped over steep ruts.
Determination of the vehicle body sideslip angle [3] was also carried out for evaluation of vehicle stability and slip size.
Where [[delta].sub.f] / [[delta].sub.r] is the front/rear steering angle; [l.sub.f] /[l.sub.r] the distance from front/rear axle to the center of gravity; e the distance from the center of gravity of the sprung mass to the roll center; [F.sub.yf]/[F.sub.yr] the lateral tire force of front/rear tire; Mthe total mass of vehicle; [m.sub.s] the mass of roll body; [d.sub.[phi]] the roll damping coefficient; [k.sub.[phi]] the roll stiffness; [v.sub.x] the longitudinal velocity; [v.sub.y] the lateral velocity; r the yaw rate; [beta] the sideslip angle; [phi] the roll angle; [I.sub.x]/[I.sub.z] the vehicle moment of inertia with respect to x/z-axis; g the acceleration due to gravity.
Airgap eccentricity, roll angle, sideslip angle, and yaw rate responses at 100 km/h on class C road are shown in Figures 23-26.
where M is the moment, X, Y, and Z are the body forces, [V.sub.p] is velocity, S is parachute surface area, [F.sub.R] is the riser force (tension), [alpha] is attack angle, and [beta] is sideslip angle.
The ADS provides direct measurements of the aircraft true airspeed; typically connected with the ADS are the vanes for measuring the important aerodynamic angles known as angle of attack and angle of sideslip. Since the Pitot probes and [alpha]-[beta] vanes are installed on the fuselage and/or wings, they are exposed to external atmospheric agents; in general, these devices are robust to even extreme weather conditions.
Malcolm H Mort Roath, Cardiff Snow Dogs fall soundlessly as night retreats Beside that potholed Castle Street Arcade Sideslip across as Snow Dogs then sit silently Each one square jawed but a different hue These Snow Dogs like coloured Snowmen Waiting, waiting for the children to find them As the softly painted dawn caresses the day Ty Hafan where a short life is a full life Put Snow Dogs on many corners as Awareness grows as the city awakes Whispers leave people to access Ty Hafan And turn the Snow Dogs' magical numbers Into a silver wind of Ty Hafan coins Edward Tapper Birchgrove, Cardiff Doing our best to encourage cycling THIS year we have seen an increase in the number of cyclists on our roads and paths across the city.