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1. Convulsively hearty; uproarious. Used of laughter.
2. Causing convulsive laughter; extremely funny: a sidesplitting comedy.

side′split′ter n.
side′split′ting·ly adv.
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in a side-splitting manner
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Adv.1.sidesplittingly - in a very humorous manner
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Visual gags, so beloved of the television series, were limited but those that were done were often sidesplittingly funny.
I always remember just how sidesplittingly funny her stories were, and the Amy-Schumeresque way she recounted them.
"Still, he can see the funny side now - and his pals keep joking his fall is sidesplittingly funny." How mean of them to give poor Graham such a ribbing....
Enter immigrant fall guy Boyco - the sidesplittingly stupid Romanian trapeze artist.
"But I've got to do it." Because the puppet-master producers decided that a ridiculous wide boy wearing nothing but a feather boa would be sidesplittingly funny.
IF MARTIN Bain's arrant nonsense this week was not so serious it would be sidesplittingly hilarious.
After that, impish host Rick Edwards took over her Twitter account and posted sidesplittingly risque tweets about Brad's genitals and Simon Cowell's shapely man breasts.
some, b hi th ke co he bu tri ALAN CLARK DIARIES The most revealing account of British political life ever published, Clark's account of serving in Margaret Thatcher's government is frank, outrageous and frequently sidesplittingly funny.
Recommended for South Park interested in contemplating the more serious and complex side of the seemingly plebeian and sidesplittingly funny show.