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1. Convulsively hearty; uproarious. Used of laughter.
2. Causing convulsive laughter; extremely funny: a sidesplitting comedy.

side′split′ter n.
side′split′ting·ly adv.


in a side-splitting manner
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Adv.1.sidesplittingly - in a very humorous manner
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And it doesn't matter how many times you see the scene where Del falls sideways thinking he's leaning on the bar at a yuppie club, it's still sidesplittingly funny.
I always remember just how sidesplittingly funny her stories were, and the Amy-Schumeresque way she recounted them.
Visual gags, so beloved of the television series, were limited but those that were done were often sidesplittingly funny.
John Landis's sidesplittingly funny comedy, also starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ralph Bellamy, Don Ameche, Denholm Elliott and James Belushi.
At once both sidesplittingly funny and bitterly insightful into the paradox of human greed that keeps America stymied in failure, Mission Accomplished is highly recommended.
Have I Got News For You was a groundbreaking idea way back in the last century and is now weary, over-scripted and chaired by personalities as sidesplittingly funny as Neil Kinnock.
It was a reminder of just how sidesplittingly funny Frasier used to be the sheer brilliance of Niles' unrequited love for Daphne (what a waste when they got together), Roz's rotten taste in men and Frasier's hopeless pursuit of true love and the perfect woman.
In fact, Nichetti (sometimes called the Italian Woody Allen, and perhaps best known for his 1989 pic "The Icicle Thief") nearly walks off with "Ciao America," delivering a sidesplittingly funny perf as the flummoxed manager of an American-style football team in a small Italian town.