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adv. & adj.
Toward or at one side.

side′wards (-wərdz) adv.
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Adv.1.sidewards - toward one side; "turn the figure sideward"
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adj (= to one side) movementzur Seite; glancevon der Seite; to give somebody/something a sidewards glancejdn/etw von der Seite ansehen
adv (= to one side) movezur Seite, seitwärts; look at sbvon der Seite
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They have been wired to pass square, back, sidewards and back to the keeper, the kind of football that bores the pants of you.
As her Airbus A330 approached the runway it lurches sidewards as its buffeted by the winds before she calmly brings the wheels into contact with the tarmac.
In another garden, I built a retaining wall, taking vast pieces of alder felled by builders then chainsawing them sidewards, I stacked earth behind them and created two levels.
A jeepney rolled sidewards after it collided with a passenger bus at an intersection in EDSA-Timog Avenue in Quezon City Sunday.
from the with a Too often we see teams passing backwards and sidewards, between four or five defenders and the goalkeeper, and often without being pressed so you are not even making the opposition run about.
"Sellers are willing to come down in prices little more now and take a hit, which is a great sign as they see that their market moves sidewards, but not down.
Sidewards, a PDF can be seen with an approximately double increase of the number of discrete values.
33-year-old Cowan then walked off but returned moments later with a metal road sign which he held sidewards and used in a guillotine-like motion on his head, the court was told.
Often the post will have Imran Khan smiling, or looking sidewards rather inspiringly, with a quote by Imran, usually and somewhat inexplicably about cricket as a caption for the picture.
Alex Sandro's volleyed was chested down and flicked sidewards by Gonzalo Higuain to the Croatian lurking on the edge of the box.