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 (sīd′wāz′) also side·way (-wā′)
adv. & adj.
1. Toward one side: took a step sideways; a sideways glance.
2. From one side: a painting lit sideways; sideways pressure.
3. With the side forward: turned sideways to show the profile; a sideways view.
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also side•wise

adj., adv.
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Adv.1.sideway - with one side forward or to the front; "turned sideways to show the profile"; "crabs seeming to walk sidewise"
2.sideway - from the side; obliquely; "a picture lit sideways"; "scenes viewed sidewise"
3.sideway - toward one side; "the car slipped sideways into the ditch"; "leaning sideways"; "a figure moving sidewise in the shadows"
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Now, from this peculiar sideway position of the whale's eyes, it is plain that he can never see an object which is exactly ahead, no more than he can one exactly astern.
"That's my place," said Frome, with a sideway jerk of his lame elbow; and in the distress and oppression of the scene I did not know what to answer.
Grant Gallagher's error mirrors a lot of our backwards and sideway passing for most of this season.
In Sideway, Jack (white male) calls Stephanie (Sandra Oh) "this chick Stephanie" and "a bad, bad girl", stressing the word 'bad' and using a flirty tone of voice and eye gaze.
Standard are Driver and Front Passenger SRS Airbags Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) that prevents wheel lock during sudden braking Hill Start Assist (HSA) that averts backward roll when the vehicle moves from a static position on an incline Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) that restricts sideway skidding during cornering and Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock that activates when the vehicle accelerates.
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is likely to maintain the sideway moves after breaking 13,800 points and hovering around 13,500 and 13,400 points.
[USPRwire, Wed Oct 17 2018] Scoliosis is a medical disorder causing deformities in spine especially sideway curvature forming S or C shape in the spinal region.
Specialist apparatus known as Sideway Force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machines (SCRIM) will be used to survey skid resistance and identify roads where lack of grip is a potential issue.
Stock markets in Asia have been mixed, while EUR-USD and USD-JPY have been treading sideway paths, the former in the low 1.1400s and the latter above 110.50.
Moving forward, it is expected the market to remain sideway until any further breakthrough on the political front.