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 (sī-ĕr′ə-zĕm′, sē-ĕr′ə-zhôm′)
Any of a group of soils found in cool to temperate arid regions that is brownish gray at the surface with a lighter layer below and is based in a carbonate or hardpan layer.

[Russian serozem : seryĭ, gray + Old Russian zemĭ, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]


(Geological Science) a calcareous soil with low organic content
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The soil in Azerbaijan is mainly sierozem (brownish-grey soil) - the balance of nutrition elements is relatively low in them and the microbiological processes are very weak.
Sampling sites Conventional field Gardens of Yinchuan are located in 3834'- 36'N1068'-10'E the soil is alkaline mountain sierozem 10 year old tree better management better tree potential use pesticides 12 times a year mainly abamectin imidacloprid chemical pesticide chlorpyrifos etc.
Soil types are mainly sierozem and gray-brown desert soil.
Nitrogen mineralization as affected by nitrogen, organic matter, temperature and moisture in a sierozem soil.
The chernozem soil (Kazakhstan) yielded the highest number of Actinomadura species while the lowest numbers of species were isolated from sierozem soil (Turkmenistan).
The Russian terms from Dokuchaiev's original classification often refer to color: Sierozem (gray soil), Brunizem (brown soil), Chernozem (black soil).
Kumar V, Kairon MS (1980) Recoveries of N, P and K in relation to yield of American cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) grown in Sierozem soils of India (Hissar).