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v. sift·ed, sift·ing, sifts
1. To put (flour, for example) through a sieve in order to separate the fine from the coarse particles.
2. To distinguish as if separating with a sieve: sifted the candidates for the job.
3. To apply by scattering through a sieve: sift sugar on a dessert.
4. To examine and sort carefully: sift the evidence.
1. To make use of a sieve.
2. To pass through a sieve: a meal that sifts easily.
3. To make a careful examination: sifted through back issues of the magazine.

[Middle English siften, from Old English siftan.]

sift′er n.
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Noun1.sifter - a household sieve (as for flour)sifter - a household sieve (as for flour)  
sieve, screen - a strainer for separating lumps from powdered material or grading particles
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nSieb nt
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So Judge Sifter turned around slowly several times and then said:
These things were crowded with utensils of all sorts: frying pans, sauce pans, kettles, forks, knives, basting and soup spoons, nutmeg graters, sifters, colanders, meat saws, flat irons, rolling pins and many other things of a like nature.
Vholes, preceded by the legend Ground-Floor, is inscribed upon a door-post in Symond's Inn, Chancery Lane--a little, pale, wall-eyed, woebegone inn like a large dust-binn of two compartments and a sifter. It looks as if Symond were a sparing man in his way and constructed his inn of old building materials which took kindly to the dry rot and to dirt and all things decaying and dismal, and perpetuated Symond's memory with congenial shabbiness.
It was the task of Tapas Datta, factory manager of Cipla plant in Goa, to source a suitable vibro sifter to meet their stringent requirements.
Well done Jean Wilson, right, presenting Susan Gass with the Sugar Sifter Trophy
Pour the contents of the sifter onto a hand towel or a bath towel folded in half.
Once it resembles rich soil, harvest finished compost into a bucket, through a sifter.
WHAT YOU NEED: Sifter, 1 cup baking soda, 1/2cup citric acid (most supermarkets should have it), mixing bowls, gloves, essential oil of your choice (see below for recommendations), food colouring (optional), water, ice cube tray, muffin tin or silicone mold, and tissue paper INSTRUCTIONS 1 Sift baking soda and citric acid into a mixing bowl and, wearing gloves, mix well.
"Any type of discussion with Ahmeti would be seen as support of his standpoints on pressuring the Macedonian nation for a sifter name solution," the press-release of the UMD reads.
sound sifter from mud of Oshogbo, rising in a South Carolina country
Effect of borate treatment coupled with air seasoning or kiln drying sifter treatment on flexural properties and glue-line shear (compressive stress at maximum load) of Douglas fir glued laminated beams (a) MOR (MPa) Treatment Mean (SD) Range Control 46.3 (11.5) 29.7-74.4 Borates/air dried 45.7 (9.5) 23.9-70.7 Borates/kiln dried 46.1 (10.4) 30.6-69.4 MOE (MPa) Treatment Mean (SD) Range Control 16.400 (1344) 12,645-19,105 Borates/air dried 17,788 (1,427) 14,513-21,084 Borates/kiln dried 17,975 (1,779) 12,948-22,215 Compressive stress at maximum load (MPa) Treatment Mean (SD) Range Control 8.16 (2.58) 3.29-13.62 Borates/air dried 7.40 (2.05) 1.68-11.85 Borates/kiln dried 7.82 (2.36) 2.58-11.78 (a) Values represent means of 56 pieces, while figures in parentheses represent 1 SD.
Sifter Parts & Service offers the CS-1 gyratory sifter, a stacked-deck model that allows screen replacement using standard hand tools.