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v. sift·ed, sift·ing, sifts
1. To put (flour, for example) through a sieve in order to separate the fine from the coarse particles.
2. To distinguish as if separating with a sieve: sifted the candidates for the job.
3. To apply by scattering through a sieve: sift sugar on a dessert.
4. To examine and sort carefully: sift the evidence.
1. To make use of a sieve.
2. To pass through a sieve: a meal that sifts easily.
3. To make a careful examination: sifted through back issues of the magazine.

[Middle English siften, from Old English siftan.]

sift′er n.
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Noun1.sifting - the act of separating grain from chaffsifting - the act of separating grain from chaff; "the winnowing was done by women"
separation - sorting one thing from others; "the separation of wheat from chaff"; "the separation of mail by postal zones"
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"When I went to give it to her," replied Sancho, "she was hard at it swaying from side to side with a lot of wheat she had in the sieve, and she said to me, 'Lay the letter, friend, on the top of that sack, for I cannot read it until I have done sifting all this."
"Well then," continued Don Quixote, "now she has done sifting the corn and sent it to the mill; what did she do when she read the letter?"
This is the first step in a sifting process which I have long had in view, and as we go on I shall be able to indicate to you certain principles of selection whereby you will, I trust, have an intelligent participation in my purpose."
But it was clear enough to her that he would expect her to devote herself to sifting those mixed heaps of material, which were to be the doubtful illustration of principles still more doubtful.
Her father was usually sifting and sifting at his parliamentary cinder-heap in London (without being observed to turn up many precious articles among the rubbish), and was still hard at it in the national dust- yard.
(the public are not slow in the matter of sifting evidence and arriving at a verdict), but that he could not be found.
She then cross-examined all the articles which had raised her fears on the other side, and found, on fairly sifting the matter, that there was very little in them.
To it he thenceforth devoted most of his energies, reading and sifting the whole mass of available source-material and visiting the scenes of the chief historical events.
'Because I suppose, sir, that what was found, was found in the sorting and sifting. All the mounds are sorted and sifted?'
"Because when the twins went home from the Sons of Liberty meeting last night, news of the raid was sifting in from everywhere, and Aunt Patsy was in distress to know if they had lost anything.
The troops, sifting through the forest, were sullen.
Deputy Director Adil Raza has been transfered from Record Sifting Cell to Directorate of State Management-II.