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special interest group


1. signal.
2. signature.
3. signor.
4. signore; signori.
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According to the SIG spokesmen who hosted the tour, SIG SAUER entered the ammunition business in 2014 as part of its Complete Systems Provider strategy.
Those were among the words firearm dealers and distributors used to describe SIG Rewards Week, a luxurious trip to historic Portsmouth, N.
357 SIG, the case has to have a shoulder at the correct location, or else feeding, accuracy and case life will suffer.
SIG Distribution has invested over PS2m in building and renovation work since July 2012 to regenerate the derelict site, once the home of the former Newcastle Federation Breweries distribution centre.
Misunderstandings about SIGs is growing as 40 percent of small businesses believe that SIG members are not financially responsible for claims of all companies in the SIG, an increase from 32 percent in the 2008 poll
This month, Contributing Editor Seth Eisenberg, RN, OCN[R], a strong advocate of SIGs, interviewed several SIG members to highlight some of the many benefits of SIG membership, such as connecting with others to make your voice heard within a large organization, pursuing a research interest, or advancing knowledge (see p.
The six-week schedule was feasible because SIG expanded its tool shop in Essen, pre-manufactured tool bases, and kept inventories of key parts.
The first SIG 'meetings' were networking events to provide opportunities for nurses in subspecialties to connect with one another.
Described as "basically a packaging company," a SIG insider told me that the decision had nothing to do with the rash of municipal lawsuits in the U.
published recognition as an Institutional SIG Sponsor in each issue of the SIG's newsletter.
My mentor at the University of Missouri introduced me to the LYM SIG.