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v. sight-read (-rĕd′), sight-read·ing, sight-reads
To read or perform (music, for example) without preparation or prior acquaintance.
To read or perform something on sight without preparation or prior acquaintance.

sight′-read′er n.


[ˈsaɪtˌriːdɪŋ] N (Mus) → repentización f, acción f de repentizar
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Music prodigies have led beginners astray from sight-reading the modern music score because they can naturally hear the relationship between the sounds and music notes while most people are unable to.
Her desire to find the best ways to develop music sight-reading skills led her to purchase a computer and music theory software in 1980.
Although the scanty record of private musical activities makes definitive conclusions elusive, quartet playing in the late eighteenth century seems to have been by and large a culture of sight-reading, and many modern ideas about rehearsal have their roots in the early nineteenth century.
Beginning Piano Artistry: Sight-Reading With Musicality and Continuity Without Looking At the Keyboard" is a handbook of piano pedagogy for musicians who can read and perform music on other instruments and seek piano playing skills.
They were judged based on technical abilities and musicality in playing a prepared piece of music and selected scales, as well as in sight-reading.
They all asked potential singers to bring in two classical pieces of music to sing and to be prepared for a sight-reading test.
In fact, practice-even specific sight-reading practice-predicted nearly half of the differences in performance across the subjects.
Sight-reading is the act of playing sheet music on an instrument with little or no preparation.
We regularly receive Superior ratings and in fact, this year received a 100 in sight-reading as well as high Superior scores for our choirs and ensembles.
There could be mass sing-along events, where sight-reading a score is not required.
Repeatedly reading the lyrics improves their word recognition, sight-reading, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension skills.