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v. sight-read (-rĕd′), sight-read·ing, sight-reads
To read or perform (music, for example) without preparation or prior acquaintance.
To read or perform something on sight without preparation or prior acquaintance.

sight′-read′er n.
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[ˈsaɪtˌriːdɪŋ] N (Mus) → repentización f, acción f de repentizar
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Gaye Tolan Hatfield's new sight-reading book provides a variety of exercises for all musicians.
George's audition for the scholarship comprised performing two contrasting songs, sight-reading, score-reading, accompaniment of a hymn and psalm and improvisation.
selection (found on the website) and sight-reading.
This wooden puzzle set helps children gain familiarity with the letters of the alphabet and their sounds as they develop a sight-reading vocabulary.
Students will study performance skills, technical skills, songwriting, music theory, music history, and musicianship skills, such as sight-reading and ear training.
Although the scanty record of private musical activities makes definitive conclusions elusive, quartet playing in the late eighteenth century seems to have been by and large a culture of sight-reading, and many modern ideas about rehearsal have their roots in the early nineteenth century.
So, what if a group of non-pianists, failed pianists and traumatised former child prodigies were challenged to play it publicly, entirely by sight-reading? Originally from Sydney, Australia, Sarah-Jane Norman is joined by five other "post-virtuosic" pianists working in shifts to sight-read their way through this mammoth score in a gruelling 12- hour musical experiment.
"Beginning Piano Artistry: Sight-Reading With Musicality and Continuity Without Looking At the Keyboard" is a handbook of piano pedagogy for musicians who can read and perform music on other instruments and seek piano playing skills.
Sight-reading is an essential skill for every musician.
They were judged based on technical abilities and musicality in playing a prepared piece of music and selected scales, as well as in sight-reading.
Horn Sight-Reading: A fresh approach by John Kember and Tom Bettley.