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In short, the "Coast" was as much a sight-seeing place as was Chinatown and the Cliff House.
I shall say my husband is sight-seeing, on foot, among the mountains in the neighborhood--"
Andrew's was a large square crowded with priests, soldiers, women, friars, and burghers, who made it their common centre for sight-seeing and gossip.
Sight-seeing from morning till night, stopping for nice lunches in the gay cafes, and meeting with all sorts of droll adventures.
Lunch succeeded to our sight-seeing, and the short winter day wore away so fast, that it was dusk when the stage-coach stopped with us at an old brick house at Highgate on the summit of the hill.
Margaret was all for sight-seeing, and while the others were finishing their tea at the Raven, she annexed a motor and hurried over the astonishing city.
I began my sight-seeing, of course, with the house.
Top sight-seeing destination: The Albanian Riviera.
He will offer visitors to the popular Victorian resort sight-seeing tours around the town.
Bernardo looked cool, ready to go sight-seeing at night in Sin City (Las Vegas) on Sunday.
Meanwhile Bahria Town is launching red double-decker buses in Karachi, initially for sight-seeing, though the form of transport could also become a public utility.