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Verb1.sight-sing - sing from a score without having seen it before; "This tenor can sightsing even the most difficult pieces"
performing arts - arts or skills that require public performance
sightread, sight-read - perform music from a score without having seen the score before; "He is a brilliant pianist but he cannot sightread"
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But one dreary February afternoon, the old nun of a principal stuck her head in my door and asked, "Are the children doing any singing?" I took a moment to explain that they were learning how to sight-read voice lines by "moveable Do(e)." In a few years or less, they would be able to pick up a three- or four-part piece, and sight-sing it!
Potential members are required to be able to read music, but do not need to know how to sight-sing.
Participants of all ages with the ability to sight-sing are invited to join conductor John Lubbock, to rehearse and perform the repertoire with an organ accompaniment.