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A hound that hunts primarily by sight rather than scent, such as a greyhound or a whippet. Also called gazehound.
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Catherine has fostered numerous sighthounds for Hounds First Sighthound rescue.
The sloughi is an ancient breed of sighthound originating in northern Africa and known for its speed and hunting skills.
Sighthound (a hound that hunts and pursues game by sight rather than by scent), Scenthound (a hound that hunts and pursues game by scent rather than by sight), Bloodhound (a hound that is used for tracking both by scent and blood track) (Merriam-Webster English Dictionary 2016);
To schedule a consultation for your greyhound or sighthound, contact RDACC at 614-766-1222.
He added: "Ronaldog is a quiet natured boy looking for a sighthound experienced home.
The tazy - meaning "pure" - belongs to the sighthound group, with the lithe body of a greyhound and long muscular legs.
It could be classified as a Scenthound, and it certainly has been employed as such innumerable times put in search of game in the very diverse habitats in Africa, where it would probably not be as successful as a Sighthound; though the early ridgebacks did have Sighthound stock, and they have been successfully run in lure-coursing field trials, particularly in the United States.
Keywords: Turkish Tazi, sighthound, morphological trait, body measurement, coat colour.
It is generally a cross between a sighthound and any other breed, usually a pastoral dog or terrier.
Other dog sports include carting, dock jumping, field trials, flyball, hunting, racing, scent hurdling, scootering, sighthound racing, skijoring, sled dog racing, tracking and weight-pulling.
The American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) was started in 1972.
Tai earned that title from the American Sighthound Field Association after besting 116 pharaoh hounds in competition last year.