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A hound that hunts primarily by sight rather than scent, such as a greyhound or a whippet. Also called gazehound.
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The annual gathering brings together greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds with their owners.
We are a small friendly group of volunteers who work tirelessly to find homes for the greyhounds and other sighthounds in our care.
Next year the charity celebrates 20 years of rehoming thousands of sighthounds.
Catherine has fostered numerous sighthounds for Hounds First Sighthound rescue.
Zoe Spencer and her adopted greyhound Sophie are busy making last-minute arrangements for the event, which will see walks staged across the UK and globally to promote awareness of adopting the breed and other sighthounds as pets.
Sighthounds have more muscle volume than breeds of similar body weight with concomitant increased creatinine concentrations when compared with other breeds [53,54].
The FCI categories are (1) sheep and cattle dogs; (2) pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid, and Swiss mountain and Swiss cattle dogs; (3) terriers; (4) dachshunds; (5) spitz and primitive dogs; (6) scent hounds; (7) pointers; (8) retrievers, flushers, and water dogs; (9) companion and toy dogs; and (10) sighthounds.
The singular case of unknown nomination pattern in Greyhound--the word which 1) refers both to a separate breed of sighthounds which has developed in the territory of Britain and is known nowadays as Greyhound, 2) is used as a synonym of a sighthound in general in some cases (as in Polish Greyhound, Hungarian Greyhound, Spanish Greyhound (FCI 2016).
She has since organised a session where her life models posed alongside three sighthounds - a greyhound, a whippet and her own lurcher, Frank.
We also see more severe periodontal disease in sighthounds, with Greyhounds being the most common.
Part of a group known as sighthounds, Greyhounds are unique dogs in that they have health needs specific to their breed, including issues related to thyroid, excessive bleeding and dental disease.