Sighting shot

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a shot made to ascertain whether the sights of a firearm are properly adjusted; a trial shot.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"I wouldn't have fancied going into the St Leger meeting without a sighting shot, and that's what today was all about.
Panmure Gordon analyst Christian Koefoed-Nielsen said, 'It is not a great surprise that the existing board has rejected it, it's inevitable that they would take the first bid as a sighting shot. 'They would be criticised if they accepted the first bid that came along.' Others speculated that the rejection came as the Alliance Boots board, headed by chairman Sir Nigel Rudd, looked to slow down and try to exert some control of the takeover process since Friday's shock announcement.
Once the first sighting shot is found on target, simply return the scope reticle back to the aiming point and, without moving the rifle, carefully adjust the reticle to bisect the bullet hole.
Although his first proposal was knocked back by M&S, many saw this as merely a sighting shot and Mr Green may return with improved terms.
Although his first proposal was knocked back by M&S,many saw this as merely a sighting shot and Mr Green may return with improved terms.
I cleaned all 10 pigs with it but on my fourth sighting shot at turkeys something broke inside its Zeiss scope.
But some analysts see this as just a 'sighting shot' and see a final exit price in the range of 750-800 pence a share.
This was very much a sighting shot for Kayf Tara, who suffered a bad suspensory injury when in Melbourne being trained for the race which grinds Australia to a happy halt.
The thinking caps will have been pulled hard down the Ballydoyle heads last night as Rossini was an important sighting shot that went astray.
Equally, it may be wrong to dismiss its bid as a sighting shot.
He said he thought the bidder has made a sighting shot for the company and may get hold of some shares and tempt another suitor for the company now that it is in play.
This morning Mr John Prescott fires a sighting shot in a New Year message calling for "traditional values", his second use of the word "traditional' in 24 hours.