Sighting shot

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a shot made to ascertain whether the sights of a firearm are properly adjusted; a trial shot.

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243 or 7mm-08, or just a few sighting shots with an '06-class round, I'm comfortable wearing just a shirt.
The DPRK military "would blow up with sighting shots loudspeakers and all other means for a psychological warfare in case the group of traitors resumes the psychological warfare against the DPRK in the areas along the front," said a declaration issued by the General Staff of the Korean People's Army via the KCNA official news agency.
North Korea also warned Wednesday that if South Korea sets up loudspeakers in border areas to resume anti-Pyongyang broadcasts, it ''will take military steps to blow up one by one the moment they appear by firing sighting shots,'' the North's Korean Central News Agency said.
I decided to drop down below the snow line so my sighting shots would not put more pressure on the elusive deer.
I think it might be more accurate to describe these indicative bids as sighting shots to inform the final decision on the timing of the sale.