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also sight line  (sīt′līn′)
A line of sight, especially one between a spectator and the spectacle in a theater or stadium.


an uninterrupted line of vision, as in a theatre, etc, or from a vehicle joining a road


or sight′ line`,

any of the lines of vision between the spectators and the stage or playing area in a theater, stadium, etc.


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Cassidy resides as the principal architect behind Sightline VuPoint and has spent his tenure with Sightline also contributing to the vast growth of Sightline Cortex, the proprietary machine and deep learning platform powering Sightline's two flagship products - Verify & VuPoint.
Cassidy: "My time at Sightline, and the science and technology we are developing continues to provide me with joy and inspiration on a daily basis.
Tenders are invited for Horizontal Sightline Offset Design Criteria, Exceptions, and Mitigation Strategies.
The Sightline is offered in men's regular and extra-wide sizes 7-13, and in women's sizes M 5-11.
com)-- As energy efficiency requirements and sustainability guidelines becomes an increasingly common requirement for new construction in the Inland Northwest, Sightline Energy has recently opened to assist regional architecture and engineering design firms to step up to the challenge.
A new Sightline Institute 'analysis of 23 recently completed Seattle-area multifamily housing developments reveals that the practice of providing abundant "cheap" parking actually makes rental housing more expensive--particularly for residents with modest incomes and who don't own cars.
Eileen Green, who set up the Crosby-based charity Sightline North West, which provides free telephone support for people losing their sight, has died from liver cancer.
SightLine Partners has raised $107 million for a fund that will support late-stage medical technology companies and their investors--specifically, entities that have had trouble financing portfolio companies or big exits.
The total decline since 1999 - 11 percent - is equal to every driver in the Northwest taking a five-week holiday from driving, said Clark Williams-Derry, research director at the Sightline Institute, which focuses on sustainability issues.
It is (being done) to eliminate the sightline problems and really create a new level of seating down there,'' said Dodgers chief operating officer Marty Greenspun, who added that the boxes will have extra leg room.
NEW YORK, August 23 /PRNewswire/ -- NGN Capital led a US$10 million financing of Sightline Technologies Ltd.
The conference hosting Stratton's talk was cosponsored by the Washington-based law firm, Collier Shannon Scott, and the public relations firm, Sightline.