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The act or pastime of visiting sights of interest.
Used or engaged in sightseeing: a sightseeing bus; a sightseeing tour.


a. the activity of visiting the famous or interesting sights of a place
b. (as modifier): sightseeing trip.


(ˈsaɪtˌsi ɪŋ)

1. the act of visiting and seeing places and things of interest.
2. seeing, showing, or used for visiting sights: a sightseeing bus.


Sightseeing is the activity of travelling around a city or region to see the interesting places that tourists usually visit.

...a two-week tour, allowing some time in all the major cities for sightseeing.

Sightseeing is an uncount noun. You do not talk about 'sightseeings' or 'a sightseeing'. However, you can talk about a sightseeing trip.

I took a sightseeing trip on one of those tourist buses.

You can also say that someone goes sightseeing or does some sightseeing.

Vita and Violet went sightseeing.
I decided to do some sightseeing.
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Noun1.sightseeing - going about to look at places of interestsightseeing - going about to look at places of interest
looking, looking at, look - the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually; "he went out to have a look"; "his look was fixed on her eyes"; "he gave it a good looking at"; "his camera does his looking for him"
prohlídka města
nähtävyyksiin tutustuminen
ogled znamenitosti
chuyến tham quan


[ˈsaɪtˌsiːɪŋ] Nturismo m
to go sightseeing; do some sightseeinghacer turismo


ntourisme m
to go sightseeing → faire du tourisme
modif [trip, tour] → touristique


[ˈsaɪtˌsiːɪŋ] nturismo
to go sightseeing, to do some sightseeing (gen) → fare un giro turistico (in town) → visitare la città


زِيَارَةُ الـمَعَالِمِ السِّيَاحِيَّة prohlídka města sightseeing Besichtigungen περιήγηση στα αξιοθέατα visita a lugares de interés nähtävyyksiin tutustuminen tourisme razgledavanje visita turistica 観光 관광 sightseeing sightseeing zwiedzanie passeio turístico осмотр достопримечательностей sightseeing การเยี่ยมชม gezip görme chuyến tham quan 观光
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When the chums returned from their sightseeing excursion, they found that Professor Bumper had arrived.
One night in Paris, after a hard day's toil in sightseeing, I said:
But, before a wheel turns, listen to a brief preamble through the cardiaphone, which shall point out to you an object of interest on life's sightseeing tour.
We proceeded slowly to the lagoon, managed to obtain an unoccupied seat, and sat down with mutual sighs of relief as we released our weights from our tortured sightseeing feet.
TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--The Taipei Double Decker sightseeing bus operator has offered lower fare deals for ROC nationals since January 22 to commemorate the anniversary of the sightseeing bus tour, according to the Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT).
Highlights & inclusions A city sightseeing tour of Edinburgh Free time to explore Edinburgh or a free transfer to the Ocean Terminal shopping centre Two nights' bed and Scottish breakfast accommodation at a good hotel in the Edinburgh area Coach travel from the local area Escorted by a friendly tour manager Carols with the Stars Royal Albert Hall concert break 2 days from PS139.
Central Park Sightseeing, which currently offers bike rentals and park tours at 56 West 56th Street, signed a 10-year, 1,500 s/ lease at 111 Central Park North where it will open its second location.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 15, 2016-Viad Buys Alaska Marine Sightseeing Company
City Sightseeing Sharjah, the tour buses launched by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) in collaboration with City Sightseeing Worldwide, recently launched the new Explorer Package which gives the emirate's visitors and residents the opportunity to discover the charms of Sharjah thanks to various perks such as free entry to the city's premier tourist destinations and heritage landmarks.
Sharjah: City Sightseeing Sharjah, the sightseeing bus project has announced the addition of four new stops around the city, as well as two new buses.
A sightseeing tour of London or time to shop and sightsee ?