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 (sĭj′əl, sĭg′ĭl)
1. A seal; a signet.
2. A sign or an image considered magical.

[Latin sigillum, diminutive of signum, sign; see sekw- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Heraldry) a seal or signet
2. (Alternative Belief Systems) a sign or image supposedly having magical power
[C17: from Latin sigillum a little sign, from signum a sign]
sigillary adj
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(ˈsɪdʒ ɪl)

a seal or signet.
[1600–10; < Latin sigillum statuette, figure, stamped figure, diminutive of signum sign; see seal1]
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A symbol representing a spirit.
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Of course, we had to ask what each sigil (an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical powers) means.
Critics of such excessive style could easily point to the mixed metaphor of the final line, where writers are first "tugged by" a "current," and then they are apparently in flames (a "conflagration") before finally returning to the flower metaphor with the word "colourless." Naturally, this is the point, and Kruppe immediately contrasts himself to another character, Gaz, a brutal murderer and wife beater, who is "terse" and "views his paucity of words [...] as a virtue, sigil of rigid manhood.
Visit the castle where the real Red Wedding transpired, encounter the fearsome historical tribes beyond Rome's great wall, learn how a blood-red heart became the most feared sigil in Scotland, and much more.
The second faction in the game are called Polania, and given their red-and-white eagle sigil, there is no doubt that they are modelled after the Polish, a nation attacked and occupied by both Germany and the Soviet Union during differing periods of its history.
If ever modern-day alternat-tivists were to come out with a sigil to complement their battle cries, they should at least, embolden it with the fitting motto: somewhere between the vicinity of whine and moan, whine and moan.
The bronze sculpture, which weighs around 2.5 tonnes, depicts John in live action behind a drum kit bearing his and Led Zeppelin IV sigil. Stones surrounding the sculpture are a nod to the iconic Houses of the Holy artwork and the piece also features zeppelin airships.
Back in June 2018, Turner got herself inked with a 'Game of Thrones' inspired tattoo which included a direwolf, the Stark house sigil along with the words that read 'The pack survives'.
The direwolf is the sigil of the Starks and from day one in the show, and the books, these animals are all important.
Yet another tweeted a redrawn logo of the American coffee chain with the title changed to "Winterfell coffee" and the wolf's head sigil of the Starks, one of the noble families at the center of the series.
The teaser showed fire and what appeared to be armor with a draconic sigil.
Failure to promote the history, development, and modern significance of regalia may cause it to become an empty sigil or a tradition lost to understanding and, ultimately, lost to practice.
The softwares Sigil and Inkscape were suggested (because they are free), but every student chose to use other softwares.