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 (sĭg′moid′) also sig·moi·dal (sĭg-moid′l)
1. Having the shape of the letter S.
2. Of or relating to the sigmoid colon.

[Greek sīgmoeidēs : sīgma, sigma; see sigma + -oeidēs, -oid.]
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Adj.1.sigmoidal - of or relating to the sigmoid flexure in the large intestine
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To better distribute the points in x-axis, and therefore obtain a better adjustment of the sigmoidal curve, equi-spaced concentrations in the logarithmic scale (ln) were prepared (Table SI of Supplementary material).
As generally plotted, this is a sigmoidal shape with what we'll refer to as three visually distinct apparent phases or regions.
The Gompertz growth model, which uses an asymmetrical sigmoidal curve, where [[tau].
The apparent sigmoidal shape of the breakthrough curves of As in the affected soils suggested hydrodynamic dispersion of As in soil in the course of the flow.
cells on the other, only the allosteric sigmoidal model showed very good fits (Spearman test) in most volunteers (see online Supplemental Fig.
The networks are of a conventional type, featuring feed forward connections and linear or sigmoidal nodal transfer functions, trained by back propagation.
However, in other species, provisioning rates during the nestling period exhibit a sigmoidal pattern, with rates increasing during the mid-nestling period and leveling off or even decreasing in the days prior to fledging (e.
In the case of polymers, the decomposition process follows either a sigmoidal function or a deceleration function.
The commercial landings were successfully predicted by the NYFI in a sigmoidal regression: Landings = 266.
While no published study yet provides a detailed examination of BDNF kinetics in response to exercise, a number of studies support an exponential or sigmoidal rise and/or decay in the concentration of circulating hormones during and after exercise, respectively (e.