sign for

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w>sign for

vi +prep objden Empfang (+gen)bestätigen
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"Very good; then here we have it--'4 June, total eclipse of the moon commences at 8.15 Greenwich time, visible in Teneriffe--/South Africa/, &c.' There's a sign for you.
'There was one of two ways to be adopted: either to go on to build up a language of signs on the basis of the natural language which she had already commenced herself, or to teach her the purely arbitrary language in common use: that is, to give her a sign for every individual thing, or to give her a knowledge of letters by combination of which she might express her idea of the existence, and the mode and condition of existence, of any thing.
While the website shows over 600 stock and made-to-order ADA signs, very often the correct sign for a particular situation has to be custom made.
Under the new regulations David Beckham, for example, would not have been able to sign for Manchester United because his home in east London was more than 90 minutes from Old Trafford.
For example, the sign for "who" is preceded by a mouth shaped according to the appropriate lip configuration of an individual speaking the word "who." This is followed by an instructor showing how a straight index finger circling the mouth is the sign for "whom." The majority of signs are taught in a similarly explanatory manner; thus, they make sense.
I have been wondering about that sign for years and never slowed down long enough to see who sponsored it.