sign for

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w>sign for

vi +prep objden Empfang (+gen)bestätigen
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There was one of two ways to be adopted: either to go on to build up a language of signs on the basis of the natural language which she had already commenced herself, or to teach her the purely arbitrary language in common use: that is, to give her a sign for every individual thing, or to give her a knowledge of letters by combination of which she might express her idea of the existence, and the mode and condition of existence, of any thing.
For example, the sign for "who" is preceded by a mouth shaped according to the appropriate lip configuration of an individual speaking the word "who.
The perspective -- looking south from 23rd Street down Broadway, circa 1900 -- includes a wall sign for Wrigley's chewing gum painted above 22nd Street.
Please note, however, that what is iconic to a hearing/sighted person may not be for the deaf/blind individual; for example, the sign for "drive" (steering motion) may have no meaning to a congenitally blind person who has never experienced that motion.