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Noun1.sign industry - an industry that produces signs
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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Mark Jameson, executive VP of Franchise Support and Development, Fastsigns International, said, "We are excited to expand throughout the Midwest and look forward to meeting with potential franchisee candidates at the premier sign industry tradeshow in the region.
com)-- Initially establishing the business to service the sign industry, Fox Design Services expanded to offer their CNC cutting and routing services to a wide range of industries and give designers direct access to this kind of production technology.
The large format digital printer of TWINJET Technology has good reputation in the advertisement and sign industry, and also performed well in the digital textile printing applications.
Addressing this need, Bayer MaterialScience LLC, a full-service sheet supplier to the sign industry, highlighted a new generation of engineered polycarbonate sheet products for signage at the ISA International Sign Expo 2013 in April.
In February, they say "Valentine's Day", and on and ona Drive down any street, walk into any business, notice vehicles of all sizes wrapped in pictures and graphics or visit a tradeshow and the opportunity for building a business in the sign industry will become very clear.
He was employed throughout his career in the sign industry, having worked with Alltype Signs in Framingham and Fenway Printers prior to a medical retirement.
By the mid-1980s, the business was firmly established as a leading figure in the high technology sign industry, allowing the firm to move to its current location in Liverpool's Northern Docks area.
Kevin Brown, 54, started his first business in 1980 and had a career in non-ferrous metals, the engraving and sign industry, engineering and manufacturing, and has sold and merged many of his businesses.
Commissioner Lancaster also sent a warning letter to members of the sign industry to remind them of the law and inform them of the Department's efforts to step up its enforcement regarding illegal signs on sheds.
It is the first of several such promotional campaigns aimed at raising the profile of the value of signs to audiences outside the sign industry.
The Cardiff-based company, whose previous clients include Red Dragon FM, was congratulated at the National Sign Industry Awards 2006, held at the NEC, for what the judges described as 'an outstanding bespoke signing scheme for EADS Defence Systems'.