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Noun1.sign painter - someone who paints signs and billboards etc.sign painter - someone who paints signs and billboards etc.
painter - a worker who is employed to cover objects with paint
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They seemed to him two respectable working men of a superior sort - sign painters or house decorators.
Grant learned the trade of sign painting and became the most respected sign painter in Dallas.
Illinois-based sign painter Jay Allen, one of the original Walldogs (the organization is decentralized and leaderless by choice), has seen the Walldogs message spread to more than 800 murals and 14 countries around the world from Europe to Australia and New Zealand.
The Los Angeles-based artist, sign painter, and fabricator has been instrumental in producing the iconic works of a great number of big-name leads, including Kay Rosen, Stephen Prina, Mike Kelley, and Lawrence Weiner.
Friday's crucifixions would be the 32nd for Ruben Enaje, a 57-year-old sign painter who began his yearly rites after surviving a fall from a building.
At various points early in his career, he worked as a sign painter, a fashion typographer, and illustrator.
Reading, PA, August 18, 2017 --( With brushes and mahl stick in hand, sign painter AlyssaBeth Archambault hit the road mere hours after receiving her Associate of Arts degree in June and headed east from California to sling some paint and explore.
Born in Nepal, he was a sign painter in India, before eventually returning home to realise his dream of becoming a painter, a place where he was dubbed the "Lion Heart" because of his passion for his work.
At that time he was employed by Brains as a sign writer and sign painter (duties included handwriting the iconic "It's BRA1ns you want" message on walls and bridges around Cardiff and pub signs).
The gallery features work by Tom Capri in an exhibit called "Muses, Dreams and Wanderings." Capri began his artwork in early childhood, later became a sign painter and specializes in sculptures of found objects augmented by carving, gluing, beading, inlay and other art forms.
In Seattle, he once was a journeyman sign painter, the ultimate in still life painting, he joked.
He's an avid trash-pile digger, metal detector, mess maker, outdoorsman, beer guzzler, sign painter, family man, adventurer, urban treasure hunter and an inspiration with his skateboarding and art.