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1. Signs considered as a group.
2. The design or use of signs and symbols.


signs collectively, esp street signs or signs giving directions


(ˈsaɪ nɪdʒ)

signs, as used for display, advertising, etc.
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Noun1.signage - signs collectively (especially commercial signs or posters)signage - signs collectively (especially commercial signs or posters); "there will be signage displayed at each post"
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole


[ˈsaɪnɪdʒ] npanneautage m
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Digital signage innovator truDigital Signage has partnered with Strea.
LG Electronics (LG) introduced its new line-up of OLED signage at its inaugural LG Signage Design Summit last night.
Contract notice: Supply and Installation of Port Signage.
com)-- Philips Signage Solutions[R] and 11Giraffes[R] today announced that 11Giraffes leading digital signage software has certified support for Philips new line of SoC commercial displays, featuring an internal quad-core Android media player.
Digital signage is lighting up the retail industry, as technological advancements in displays, players and software have made the vehicle one of the most powerful marketing tools for retailers today.
KARACHI -- Sky-high giant hoardings, multi-sided signage and huge billboards dominating the skyline along side roads as well as atop sky scrappers in various areas of the commercial hub of the country needed to be thoroughly inspected to check any violation of bylaws on hoardings and advertisement.
The three-day SGI Dubai, a leading event that caters to the needs of exhibitors and visitors in the signage, outdoor media, screen and digital printing industries, will conclude tomorrow (January 13) at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
The Signage Middle East Awards on January 10 will recognise excellence in business leadership through investment in signage innovation, execution, and creativity.
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Accommodating those situations--plus obtaining additional signage at a later time--is simple, straightforward, and less complicated than with completely custom signage," she explains, noting, however, that building owners looking for a particular aesthetic may use a blend of custom- and standard-system products.
Add to this image descriptive headlines and text and changing inset graphics that can provide close ups of the section of campus where the building is located, along with pictures of the destination, and it's clear just how effective digital signage can be.