signal detection

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Noun1.signal detection - the detection that a signal is being received
reception - quality or fidelity of a received broadcast
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The selection of quiet band for signal detection through a smart antenna and a WPT based method will enhance the separation of other pulse-like and narrowband interferences from the signal.
New features include an autoset facility, which automatically optimises signal detection and adjusts the display accordingly; visual waveform matching so readings can be repeated with great accuracy, and a high-low alarm, which can work with the data port and an external pump shut-off device, to limit errors.
(NYSE: VSH) introduced the industry's first remote control code learning IC to integrate signal detection and processing into one component.
Included in the C.A.T4 range are the eC.A.T4 series products, incorporating over a year's worth of data acquisition capacity, recording key locate parameters including mode used, Genny signal detection, control settings and warning statuses, to enable managers to rapidly verify correct usage and identify training needs.
Drug safety groups started to emphasize their time and resources on risk management, signal detection and emerging markets; less was spent on drug safety operational issues, technology investments and running the factories.
A sampling of topics includes operations research and intelligence analysis, applications of game theory in support of intelligence analysis, signal detection theory, individual reasoning, intuitive theories on behavior, group processes, and workforce effectiveness and organizational challenges.
The new machine is not a gambling device but is being used to develop automatic signal detection methods for future Navy radar.
In [3], under assumption of uniformly distributed phase error, the error probability has been determined in the case of digital binary and quaternary phase shift keying (BPSK and QPSK) signal detection in the presence of Gaussian noise, Nakagami-m fading and imperfect reference signal carrier extraction.
Since the broadband signal detection in a wide frequency range and CR signal transmission are not carried out at the same time, so the modules with the same function can be reused as time-sharing.
Assuming familiarity with the architecture of a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) software receiver, this book introduces navigation signal detection and estimation algorithms and their implementation in a software radio.
The present study examines the effects of these factors on parameter recovery and classification accuracy using simulations of a latent class model based on signal detection theory (SDT).
After the signal detection, accurate location of AE source is the primary goal of the defect analysis and the basic requirement for further damage mechanism characterization.