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Noun1.signal flag - a rectangular piece of fabric used as a signalling devicesignal flag - a rectangular piece of fabric used as a signalling device
visual signal - a signal that involves visual communication
pennant - a flag longer than it is wide (and often tapering)
code flag, nautical signal flag - one of an international code of flag signals used between ships
red flag - a flag that serves as a warning signal; "we didn't swim at the beach because the red flag was up"
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And nothing remains but lingering perhaps in the memory of a few men, the sound of their names, vanished a long time ago from the first page of the great London dailies; from big posters in railway-stations and the doors of shipping offices; from the minds of sailors, dockmasters, pilots, and tugmen; from the hail of gruff voices and the flutter of signal flags exchanged between ships closing upon each other and drawing apart in the open immensity of the sea.
The flag 'held aloft' by Cook on the top of Possession Island, she asserts, was merely a signal flag. However, she then goes on to quote Sydney Parkinson who plainly describes it as a 'jack' --the Union flag, signifying sovereignty.
troop neighboring tribe starting "Hek-"; nag or cob or bay or steed; a Cockney will add one when there is no need; me & myself; Bluest ___word; a blue bird but not a bluebird; glyph the same to Sam or Pavel; to Pierre, a Haggard novel; German Expressionist Lang antagonist; only chequered signal flag; media mogul's magazine; insomnia cause for the daughter of a queen; Ian Fleming's gadget guy; spacer word for a crook with one eye; pluralizer (from many, one); afternoon meal with jam and a bun; a full 180[degrees], on a road; Beethoven's fifth's start, in Morse code; erstwhile POTUS, son of same; a past paramour; a snuffed Old Flame; public gym that will give you a bed; Brooks world war when we'll all be undead.
First: Signal Flag Branding Campaign, McInnes Cooper
It looks like steel but is made from solid wood, while the seat has a bright signal flag cushion which is available in either red or blue.
The activities suggested here include making a family tree, building a model ship, decoding a naval signal flag message, staging a radio show, hosting a swing dance party, rationing a meal, designing a war bond poster, and performing an Abbott and Costello-style routine.
Tie trail-marking tape or an orange vest to the vehicle's antenna to serve as a signal flag, and keep the top surfaces clear of snow for maximum contrast against the background.
Tie a signal flag (your bright scarf/handkerchief) to the antenna.
The last handcar stands in a shed on its three wheels collecting a layer of dust; the station-master's whistle is rusting in a corner, and if you could hear the weeds grow, you could also hear the moth gorge itself on the once flamboyant signal flag, now in a closet and unused for many years.
Possible projects for display or use in a pageant include a signal flag cut from a pillowcase, an ironclad ship shaped from a milk carton, and a regimental drum created out of a coffee, oatmeal, or nut cylinder.