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Noun1.signalisation - a conspicuous indication
indicant, indication - something that serves to indicate or suggest; "an indication of foul play"; "indications of strain"; "symptoms are the prime indicants of disease"
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Approches par l'APS, des usagers de ce qui est appele desormais l'"aerogare Ouest" de l'Aeroport international Houari-Boumediene, ont recommande le renforcement de la signalisation (panneaux, indications de lieux et de services...) et de bureaux de renseignement, censes les aider a se retrouver dans une construction, flambant neuf, etalee sur plus de 200.000 m2.
Some drivers say the signalisation of the island and the through road have made traffic problems worse not better.
"It is considered that the delivery of the signalisation scheme is not required from the outset to accommodate the development, and that a first phase of 100 dwellings could be constructed and occupied prior to signalisation of the junction."
Anis Kirama, eleve ingenieur a la FST de Settat, s'est penche sur cette problematique en realisant un projet [beaucoup moins que]suiveur automatique de signalisation routiere[beaucoup plus grand que] grace auquel la circulation sera regulee de maniere automatique pour reduire au maximum les accidents de la route.
Les protestataires ont endommage deux voitures appartenant a l'ONEE, brise la facade vitree de la Banque du Credit agricole, detruit des panneaux publicitaires de la Banque populaire et des panneaux de signalisation.
Its offerings include new installation, engineering and design, traffic lighting and signalisation, low to medium voltage power distribution, construction management, energy management and control systems, electrical maintenance, testing, special projects and tenant improvement services.
HTTVStream HbbTV is dedicated to the broadcast of applications (DSM-CC Object Carousel) both for broadcast and broadband signalisation.
Part of the funds are for Eclairage Routier, Signalisation, Marquage (Lot B).
EGPI Firecreek, Incorporated (EGPI) ( OTCBB:EFIR), an oil and gas exploration company, has signed a letter of intent to purchase a privately owned signalisation, intelligent traffic systems and lighting company based in Florida.
The contract was received from the traffic signs manufacturer SES Securite & Signalisation, which plans to implement Jeeves Enterprise throughout its operations.