signed English

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signed′ Eng′lish

communication by means of American Sign Language but using English grammar in place of ASL syntax.
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According to Publishers Weekly , Hoopoe Fiction has signed English rights, and an English translation by Leri Price is scheduled for October 2018.
November 4, 2017 Liverpool's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain celebrates scoring their third goal REUTERS/Eddie Keogh CAIRO -- 19 April 2018: Liverpool had signed English midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Arsenal during last summer's transfer market.
Sign Systems a) Signing Exact English (SEE); b) Pidgin Signed English (PSE); c) Conceptually Accurate Signed English (CASE).
PSE differs from signed English systems in that signed English systems involve signing the words in English order and typically includes word endings and articles (e.g., the, -ly, -ing) but not ASL syntax (Hauser, 2000; Lucas & Valli, 2001).
During the two-month long display, which started on March 20, Harvey Nichols will also be staging meet-and-greets with British football legends, as well as competitions to win signed English Premier League football shirts.
Language Attitudes in the American Deaf Community offers college-level readers an analysis that assesses cognitive, affective and behavioral types of responses toward particular language varieties, from ASL to contact signing and Signed English. It considers social groups in the American Deaf community and how they use and choose among these disparate signing types, considers racial and generational issues involved in signing communication, and evaluates different signing standards and the values they hold.
Will they use total communication, which can combine signed English and oral language?
That nurse, an older man, knew only Signed English, which he Learnt two decades previously, but sign Language it was nonetheless.
He is being released by the Guinness Premiership club, who have signed English international fly-half Andy Goode from Brive.
The nuns taught using Signed English and some American Sign Language.
Signed English, on the other hand, consists of the lengthy process of signing the individual nuances of an English sentence.