significant digits

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significant digits

The digits of the decimal form of a number beginning with the leftmost nonzero digit and extending to the right to include all digits warranted by the accuracy of measuring devices used to obtain the numbers. Also called significant figures.

signif′icant dig′its
all the nonzero digits of a number and the zeros that are included between them or that are final zeros and signify accuracy: The significant digits of 0.01230 are 1, 2, 3, and the final 0. Also called signif′icant fig′ures.

sig·nif·i·cant digits

The digits in a decimal number that are warranted by the accuracy of the means of measurement. Significant digits are all the numbers beginning with the leftmost nonzero digit, or beginning with the first digit after the decimal point if there are no nonzero digits to the left of the decimal point, and extending to the right. For example, 302, 3.20, and 0.023 all have three significant digits.
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Additionally, these authors propose a regression procedure based on inferences via bootstrapping, with the aim of identifying unusual patterns in financial data, using the first two significant digits.
In the input interface of ternary optical computer, users will provide with dividend, significant digits of the divisor n, m and the significant G of the quotient required by the user when the user input the operation request and the original data.
In order to have the best fit of approximation, it is required to select the best polynomial order and the number significant digits of polynomial coefficients for the approximation function.
Therefore, sensitivity analysis was carried out to determine the sensitivity coefficient for all input parameters and use the sensitivity analysis results to assess the model simulation based on the assumption that possibly the cumulative effect of input parameters, in terms of significant digits approximation, could be contributing to the underprediction of the volumetric water content of the simulation.
After computing the effective interest rate to a sufficient number of significant digits, one can then develop an accurate amortization table.
In addition, the least significant digits are unstable.
We report numbers with too many significant digits (often by converting from English to metric units) and without error margins, mostly because we either have only one rep or we don't want to draw attention to imperfections in the data.
Leading digits (LD) or first significant digits are the first digits of numbers appearing on the left.
Rounding errors may occur - grades to 2 significant digits in this table.
Clinical reasoning is replaced by following a practice "guideline" from one prescribed information bit to another, and a diagnosis means a number with five significant digits (never mind that the first one is dubious) attached to an appropriate procedure code.

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