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Noun1.significant figure - any digit of a number that is known with certainty; any digit of a number beginning with the leftmost non-zero digit and ending with the rightmost non-zero digit (or a zero considered to be the exact value); "he calculated the answer to four significant figures"
digit, figure - one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration; "0 and 1 are digits"
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True, there was another life,--a life which, once believed in, stands as a solemn, significant figure before the otherwise unmeaning ciphers of time, changing them to orders of mysterious, untold value.
Continuing: "The London conference was an international testimony that Jordan, under its Hashemite leadership and its people, was able to deal with the major challenges that have triggered the collapse, not only of countries' economies, but regimes." The premier went on to say:"The Jordanian economy has grown at a rate of 2 percent over the past years, which is a significant figure when compared to an Arab region that has grown at a rate of 1 percent," adding the situation for the Jordanian economy is "not pessimistic, and there are encouraging indicators and figures that can not be overlooked".
Assistant professor in drama studies at Trinity College Dublin, Nicholas Johnson, said: "Samuel Beckett was a great playwright, novelist and poet and a significant figure in the analogue media of the 20th century.
"Bruce was a significant figure in Australian cricket, contributing in many ways on and off the field," Cricket Australia CEO Kevin Roberts was quoted as saying by
Professor Anthony O'Hear, President of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, said: "Mary Midgley, who sadly died very recently, became an increasingly significant figure in philosophy and in wider public debates over the past few decades.
"Scotland is already a significant figure in this sector but through this, and other collaborative efforts, its universities, government, businesses and entrepreneurs will come together to secure and grow its future."
The clarinet player is a significant figure in Egyptian history, used to bring cheerfulness through music.
"He has been a significant figure in Shrewsbury House community centre, in Everton.
The Scotland international was a significant figure for United as the club was rebuilt following the 1958 Munich air disaster.
Heading the funeral Mass service at the Greek Catholic Melkite Cathedral in Zahle, Patriarch of Antioch for Greek Melkite Catholics, Gregory III Lahham, eulogized the late Skaff as "an enlightened and significant figure who formed a part of Zahle's history throughout his lifetime of public service and devotion." "This day, his birthday, denotes the late Skaff's passing over from a mortal world to the Lord's infinite seashore of love and kindness," added Lahham.
The latter is quite a significant figure. I don't understand how insufficient organs cannot be gleaned from these donors and the necessity to legislate for presumed consent for the approximately 2,000,000 people of Wales who dissociate from the procedure.
Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah, who led Labour's Government Digital Review, tells us that this significant figure is up for grabs.

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