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Variant of signor.


(ˈsin yɔr, -yoʊr, sɪnˈyɔr, -ˈyoʊr; It. siˈnyɔr)

n., pl. -gnors, It. -gno•ri (-ˈnyɔ ri)
an Italian term of address for a man, equivalent to sir or Mr. Abbr.: Sig., sig.
[1570–80; < Italian; see signore]
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Noun1.signior - used as an Italian courtesy titlesignior - used as an Italian courtesy title; can be prefixed to the name or used separately
adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"
References in classic literature ?
Then, signior, I lay on you my sovereign behest to furbish up your lungs and other vocal organs, as they will be wanted on my royal service.
Enter ROBERTO Count of Cypres, GVIDO Count of Arsena, and Signior MIZALDVS" (A2r).
16) 'The amazing Musical Clock lately made by Mr Pinchbeck, which has two moving pictures and performs on several instruments a vast variety of fine Pieces of Music, compos'd by Signior Corelli, Bononcini, Mr Handel and many other celebrated Masters .
The shape of the bottle is inspired by art, one of Signior Armani's biggest passions.
The Grand Signior Soliman has taken to himself as his Empress a slave woman from Russia, called Roxolana, and there has been a great feasting wedding.
10] Notably, Maria has a copy of Rochester's poetry in her bedchamber, and Rochester's erotic poem "Signior Dildo" portrays a similar vision: every woman, glutted with desire, worships the dildo, and for good reason: "Our dainty fine Dutchesse's have got a Trick/To Doat on a Fool, for the Sake of his Prick,/The Fopps were undone, did their Graces but know/The Discretion and vigor of Signior Dildo" (ll.
In the anonymous play Meeting of Gallants at an Ordinarie, printed in 1604, Signior Shuttle-cocke addresses the other guests, "Now Signiors how like you mine Host?