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 (sēn-yôr′ā, -yō′rĕ)
1. pl. si·gno·ri (-yôr′ē, -yō′rē) Abbr. Sig. or S. Used as a form of polite address for a man in an Italian-speaking area.
2. A plural of signora.

[Italian, from Medieval Latin senior, lord, from Latin, elder; see senior. Sense 2, Italian, pl. of signora; see signora.]


(siːnˈjɔːriː; Italian siɲˈɲore)
n, pl -ri (-rɪ; Italian -ri)
(Peoples) an Italian man: a title of respect equivalent to sir
[Italian, ultimately from Latin senior an elder, from senex an old man]


(sɪnˈyɔr eɪ, -ˈyoʊr eɪ; It. siˈnyɔ rɛ)

n., pl. si•gno•ri (sɪnˈyɔr i, -ˈyoʊr i; It. siˈnyɔ ri)
a conventional Italian title of respect for a man, usu. used separately.
[1585–95; < Italian < Latin senior; see senior]
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Noun1.signore - an Italian title of respect for a man; equivalent to the English `sir'; used separately (not prefixed to his name)
adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"
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To which Mr Baptist would reply with innumerable bright nods and smiles, 'Altro, signore, altro, altro, altro
We had come to the recognition that we--the scientific community--lack a comprehensive database about how pregnancy affects women in the modern world," said Caroline Signore, MD, MPH, deputy director of NICHD's division of extramural research and principal investigator of PregSource.
Following multiple accusations of sexual harassment from women he has worked with in the past,&nbsp;Andy Signore was fired from Defy Media, an online distribution company which produces shows such as "The Screen Junkies Show" and "Honest Trailers," on Monday.
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RIPON racegoers could do a lot worse than pledge their support to Signore Piccolo in the big race of the day.
Ripon Racecourse, where Signore Piccolo can be a winner today
In the second semi-final, skipper Luca Del Signore volleyed home from the edge of the box a minute before half-time to give the Italians the lead.
We were just finishing, Signore, Orazio Lomellini says.
Gino's Italian Escape: Islands In The Sun ITV, 8pm Just what we need for a cold autumn night in: a dose of sunshine, delicious food and the easy-on-the-eye Signore D'Acampo.
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President of Universal Insurance Agency who launched the agency in 1981, Larry Signore, will bring all of his clients to the new site.