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v. si·lic·i·fied, si·lic·i·fy·ing, si·lic·i·fies
To convert into or impregnate with silica.
To become converted into or impregnated with silica.

si·lic′i·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
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Drill chips of the gossan cap show silicified volcanics, multiple quartz veins, and pockets of solid, multicolored limonites, including hematite, goethite, and jarosite.
The mine exploits a small epithermal lead-copper-silver deposit hosted by a silicified breccia.
A silicified form of the asbestos, known as tiger's eye, is prized as a gemstone and is unique to South Africa.
Several large outcrops of silicified vein material discovered east of Hatter Graben along trend.
Alteration consists of several highly silicified igneous breccia bodies surrounded by sericite and clay-altered intrusive rocks.
Currently Hole NEV027 is down to a depth of 1,054m in very strongly altered and partially silicified Chim formation sediments which have been cut by base - metal carbonate veins.
About 1.5 km further to the northwest, first-pass sampling picked up nearly 50 g/mt Ag with 0.24 g/mt Au from silicified zones in rhyolitic rocks.
Hemimorphite is abundant as resinous, pale blue to dark blue to greenish mammillary and botryoidal masses lining cavities and seams in the highly silicified metamorphosed and brecciated limestone of the Brick 3 (Finch mine).
It comprises carbonaceous mylonite which ranges from broken rubble to silicified graphitic schists.
SGVC011 remains in progress, currently at a depth of 770 metres, and importantly is again into bedrock that contains intense multi-phase silicified breccia and secondary pyrite - even more so than seen in the bottom of SGVC009.