silicone rubber

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Noun1.silicone rubber - made from silicone elastomers; retains flexibility resilience and tensile strength over a wide temperature range
synthetic rubber, rubber - any of various synthetic elastic materials whose properties resemble natural rubber
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At this years Fakuma international tradeshow for plastics processing, the Munich-based chemical group WACKER will be showcasing its new liquid silicone rubber line ELASTOSIL LR 5040.
Wacker will be debuting the new addition-curing silicone rubber Elastosil R plus 4350/55 at this year's Fakuma tradeshow.
The full name of this particular research is "Import Substituting Technology of Catalyst Production Based on Pt (0) for Hot Solidifying Silicone Rubber Mixtures and Liquid Silicone Rubbers.
a supplier of long-term implantable silicones for the medical device and critical healthcare market, has introduced an implant-grade, high-consistency addition-cure silicone rubber (HCRA) that the company claims is "optimized for improved productivity, better dimensional control, and reduced scrap in extrusion processes.
Momentive Performance Materials GmbH (MPM) featured what it calls a breakthrough in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) technology--UV-curing LSR--at the K 2013 trade fair in October in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Momentive Performance Materials (MPM) showcased transparent liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for complex optical lenses and light guides in automotive design and engineering.
Nearly a century after chemist Max Factor created a light, semi-liquid grease-paint that ushered in the first makeup specifically used for movies, no extra-terrestrial, monster or mutant would make it to the big sGREEN without sophisticated prosthetics, masks or even full-body costumes--often made from silicone rubber.
Abstract: The paper presents the main elements that define some of the dynamic properties of recoverable silicone rubber.
In addition, they are looking at alternative materials such as aluminum PCB substrates and soft silicone rubber pads as a method to improve heatsink designs.
consists primarily of silicone rubber for moldmaking as well as silicone fluids and silanes, including a mold release for polyurethanes.
High strength and flexibility are features of a line of thin-walled diaphragms that are injection molded of liquid silicone rubber.