silicone rubber

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Noun1.silicone rubber - made from silicone elastomers; retains flexibility resilience and tensile strength over a wide temperature range
synthetic rubber, rubber - any of various synthetic elastic materials whose properties resemble natural rubber
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 7, 2019-: Silicone Rubber Market Top Leaders, Development Strategy, Industry Size, Growth Factors, Future Trends, Historical Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Regional Forecast 2023
Elastosil R plus 4001 is an additioncuring solid silicone rubber with two outstanding features, including ease of processing and excellent elasticity, according to the company.
[USPRwire, Tue May 21 2019] Liquid Silicone Rubber Market report summaries the detailed study of market consisting production, overview, dimensions, producers, value, income, price, deals, growth rate, consumption, sales consumption, import, future plans, export, technological developments and supply for the complete study of market.
Moreover, demand for silicone rubber is increasing in the automotive sector to improve fuel efficiency, thereby, accelerating the growth of fumed silica market.
The Munich-based chemical group Wacker is increasing its global production capacities for silicone rubber. With expansion measures at several sites, Wacker plans to gradually raise its capacities by a total of 40,000 metric tonnes per year by 2021.
With these measures, WACKER is responding to the high demand for silicone rubber in key sectors such as the automotive, electronics and medical industries.
Silicone rubber foam is a porous polymer elastic material which includes the characteristics of silicone rubbers and foam materials [1], It combines the excellent characteristics of silicone rubber material and foam.
21 August 2018 - US-based liquid silicone rubber parts and maker Simtec Silicone Parts has completed a leadership transition of Simtec to the Rico Group, a global network of businesses focused on liquid silicone rubber molding technology, the company said.
The full name of this particular research is "Import Substituting Technology of Catalyst Production Based on Pt (0) for Hot Solidifying Silicone Rubber Mixtures and Liquid Silicone Rubbers." It is realized by the Homogeneous Catalysis Lab at the Department of Physical Chemistry and helmed by DSci, Professor Dmitry Yakhvarov.
The Paxman cooling cap essentially consists of a compact refrigeration system connected to a lightweight silicone rubber cap.