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 (sĭ-lēk′) or sil·i·qua (sĭl′ĭ-kwə)
n. pl. siliques or sil·i·quae (-kwē)
A dehiscent elongated fruit, characteristic of the mustard family, having two valves that fall away leaving a central partition as the fruit dries.

[French, from Old French, from Latin siliqua, seed pod.]

sil′i·quous (sĭl′ĭ-kwəs), sil′i·quose′ (-kwōs′) adj.


(sɪˈliːkwə; ˈsɪlɪkwə) or


n, pl -liquae (-ˈliːkwiː) , -liquas or -liques
(Botany) the long dry dehiscent fruit of cruciferous plants, such as the wallflower, consisting of two compartments separated by a central septum to which the seeds are attached
[C18: via French from Latin siliqua a pod]
siliquaceous adj
siliquose, siliquous adj
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Noun1.siliqua - narrow elongated seed capsule peculiar to the family Cruciferaesiliqua - narrow elongated seed capsule peculiar to the family Cruciferae
capsule - a dry dehiscent seed vessel or the spore-containing structure of e.g. mosses
silicle - short broad silique occurring in some cruciferous plants
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