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By now, the principles of Quaytman's practice are well known: that she designates each suite of paintings as a chapter in an ongoing book; that the paintings are prepared on modular plywood panels with beveled edges; that they are often displayed on shelves or in storage racks; that they employ a consistent grammar of materials, such as gesso for the ground, silk-screen ink for photographs and Op-art grids, diamond dust for textured sparkle, and oil paint for trompe l'oeil wood strips.
The program never gave up on him, and now he is in charge of a studio at the ministry's offices on Munroe Street where ex-convicts or at-risk youth can learn how to use a silk-screen machine to produce T-shirts and other clothing.
His visit to the gallery coincides with the launch of his new collection of limited edition prints, entitled Monroe Lisa and Penny Black, which are printed using the silk-screen process.
Boyd said she does silk-screen printing on clothing for men, women and children and has worked with local businesses, such as the Community Food Co-op, Copper Hog and Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress to create branded T-shirts for employees.
The new silk-screen machinery enables CCL Tube's customers to execute--with almost exact precision--a wide variety of complex tube decorating concepts.
But silk-screen inks were solvent based, meaning the artist had to use gloves and a respirator while printing, and still suffered headaches at the end of the day.
She had been silk-screen printer for 19 years and a former art teacher in Philadelphia schools.
For the silk-screen process to work well, the final portrait needed to be black and white with few middle tones.
By integrating the techniques of silk-screen printing with the chemistry of concrete, the French chemical company Pieri has devised a way to accurately reproduce images onto concrete panels several square meters in size.
1 -- 2 -- color) Above, Zaira Medina, 16, checks her silk-screen for pinholes in a print class at Hart High.
Flexo printing machines up to eight colors, silk-screen and offset printing machines for bottles and containers, and hot-stamping machines.
Karl LaRocca and Jef Scharf--that their alternate sobriquets Pre-Raphaelite Shaolin and Little Giant Robot come from Wu-Tang Clan's online nickname generator hints at their particular sensibility--run a small nonprofit silk-screen and design shop that turns out rock posters, album covers, artists' editions, and T-shirts (most visibly those emblazoned with the unequivocal slogan FUCK BUSH).