Wealthy; aristocratic: a silk-stocking district; silk-stocking prep schools.


1. aristocratic or wealthy: a silk-stocking district.
2. rich or luxurious in dress.
3. an aristocratic or wealthy person.
4. a person who dresses richly or luxuriously.
[1790–1800, Amer.]
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This "stocking in a can" gives legs a golden silk-stocking sheen - minus the unsightly toe seams.
And please have the decency not to mention apes and 9-11 in the same sentence; someone should start hitting our silk-stocking crowd up for anti-terror measures.
To fully appreciate the significance of the attitude shift embodied in the Times Magazine coverage, it helps to understand what I call Suburban Shame, that pervasive feeling of inadequacy and inauthenticity that comes with growing up somewhere other than a big city (preferably on its mean streets or in its silk-stocking district), a small town (preferably a "village" or "hamlet" lacking any chain stores and house numbers), or a farm (preferably a family-run operation under constant threat from both the elements and big-city bankers).
Rockefeller, a silk-stocking candidate if there ever was one.
Throw in concerns about swimmers in unguarded waters or germs from missing sanitary facilities and it sounds like the silk-stocking crowd might be doing everyone one very fancy favor.