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Variant of selkie.


(ˈsɪlkɪ) or


(Animals) a Scot word for seal2
[from earlier Scot selich, Old English seolh]
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These breeds (Dorking, Silkie and Sultans) have polydactyly as a pure breed characteristic.
Species-specific variations must be considered, like the shortened tibiotarsus and chondrodystrophic bones in the Japanese bantam, silkie, and Chabo chickens (Fig lb); the development of a helmet-like structure in the Polish chicken and the crested duck; and the manifold variations in hind limb anatomy, like Polydactyly in Faverolle chickens (Fig 2b) and the typical metatarsal spur of male game birds (Fig 10).
I have a pony, rottweiler, Australian shepherd, goat, and Silkie and Mille Fleur chickens.
The bill "will fundamentally shift the relationship between citizen and state, allowing mass interception and mass hacking, forcing internet and phone companies to store everyone's communications data and web browsing history, and [requiring] retention of bulk personal datasets, which are population-level databases," explained Silkie Carlo, a policy officer for technology at the human rights group Liberty, in ContputerWeekly.
The endothelin 3 (EDN3) gene on GGA20 was reported as the causal gene for fibromelanosis (Fm) in black Silkie chicken (Dorshorst et al.
The RSPCA was first alerted in April following concerns over the welfare of two bay mares, Lottie and Silkie, and another Cremello mare, named Polo, who were all being kept at Llanfigael near Llanfachraeth on Anglesey.
For chickens that don't lay on their eggs, Klober recommends the Silkie breed because they will lay on any type of egg.
Evaluation of the IGFs (IGF-1 and IGF-2) genes as candidates for Growth, Body Measurement, Carcass, and Reproduction traits In Beijing You and Silkie Chickens.
The cockerels are named Bruce and Rodney, and the hens are Meg, Leg, Silkie Steve, Kate, Silkie Steve junior, Giblets, Snowy, Nugget, Kiev, Dora, Holly, Shimmer, Shine and Chickaletta.
The chicks are made up of two modern game breeds, Sussex Silkie Cross yellow, which are white and brown fluffy chicks, and Tuzo which are black and is a more feisty breed.
Mum-of-three Leanne Knight was amazed when boyfriend David Williams, 43, passed her the 3g tiddler produced by their two-and-a-half-yearold Silkie hen.
Backyard poultry are a source for exposure to A(H5N1) virus, but this exposure has been reported less frequently among A(H7N9)-infected persons, whereas exposure to chickens (usually slower-growing yellow chickens or Silkie chickens) or environmental exposure in LBMs are the major risk factors for human A(H7N9) infection (4,14,25).