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also syl·va (sĭl′və)
n. pl. sil·vas or sil·vae (-vē) also syl·vas or syl·vae
1. The trees or forests of a region.
2. A written work on the trees or forests of a region.

[Latin, forest.]
References in classic literature ?
She boxed the ears of the Silvas who crowded about the visitors on the tiny front porch, and in more than usual atrocious English tried to apologize for her appearance.
Ruth occupied the only chair, and having done his duty, he went outside and stood by the gate, the centre of seven marvelling Silvas, who watched him as they would have watched a curiosity in a side-show.
Mary, one of the tribe of Silva, eight years old, keeping watch, raised a screech at sight of his returning consciousness.
So Teresa Silva, aged nine, opened his letters and read them to him.
Not alone did it give him the same dark and murky aspect of the Silva house, inside and out, but it seemed to emphasize that animal-like strength of his which she detested.
Why, the Silvas, the whole tribe of 'em, works a hundred acres in peas, eighty in tomatoes, thirty in asparagus, ten in pie-plant, forty in cucumbers, an'--oh, stacks of other things.
But it was old Silva that made it just the same--caught two sprouts, when the tree was young, an' twisted 'em together.
An' old Silva wound up by buyin' these five acres from grandfather.
That's what I brung you in for--the way old Silva an' all his tribe farms.
Why, Silva wouldn't sell these five acres for five hundred an acre cash down.
Silvas memory may be made to: Cape Cod Senior Residences, 100 Dr.
The Silvas are represented by the Western Center for Disability Rights, a nonprofit law firm at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.