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Adj.1.silver-blue - of something having a color that is a light shiny blue
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The light is flying; in the silver-blue The young moon shines from her bright window through: The mowers are all gone, and I go too.
The renders show two colours of the upcoming flagship duo, a silver-blue gradient finish and another in jet black.
A buttercup sun peeping through clouds of grey Transforming the sky in the newness of day The forests awake and the trees come alive, Stretching their branches to the silver-blue skies And out of their slumber, small creatures appear To quench the fresh dew that's fallen like tears Beautiful songbirds build nests in the trees As they happily sing in the fresh springtime breeze There are carpets of bluebells and primroses fair With garlands of spring flowers all scenting the air And great lakes fill up from the wandering streams To mirror the sky through the sun's dancing beams Meadows are coloured in yellow and gold And newly spring lambs at play in the fold Springtime afresh with peace, joy and love A wondrous gift from our dear God above
So when San Francisco-based landscape designer Piotr Mazurek saw a 30-foot-long wall in a client's Sausalito backyard, he knew he "needed to soften it with living things." Choosing a silver-blue palette, he went to work planting no-fuss succulents that spill naturally over the structure to replicate the feel of a waterfall.
Although its needlelike foliage is usually described as silver-gray in catalogs, it looks more like silver-blue to Nate and me.
Police said the 41-year-old woman managed to escape from a silver-blue Peugeot 406 as it was being driven alongGulson Roadat around 4.25am on Sunday December 3.
A silver-blue Mercedes was earlier seen setting off from a nearby hotel with white ribbons tied to the front.
It looks like a single star to the naked eye, but a telescope will reveal a bright yellow star next to a fainter silver-blue star.
I regret my rude reaction to the woman in the silver-blue Ford.
Take the Avon Little Red Dress Eyeshadow Quad, which has four colours varying from a dark grey to a beautiful silver-blue.
This is operated on its behalf by Sky Regional Airlines using five Bombardier Dash 8-Q400s, painted in the full Air Canada 2005 silver-blue colour scheme with Air Canada Express titles.