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A mixture of methyl siloxane polymers and silica gel, used an antiflatulent drug and as an antifoaming agent in cosmetics and industrial applications.

[si(lica) + (di)methicone, a silicon polymer (di- + meth- + (sil)icone).]


(saɪˈmɛθ ɪˌkoʊn)

an active ingredient in many antacid preparations that causes small mucus-entrapped air bubbles in the intestines to coalesce into larger bubbles that are more easily passed.
(si (lica) + meth (yl) + (sil) icone]

simethicone, simeticone

(INN) n simeticona
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Dicycomine 20mg + Paracetamol 500mg, Dicycomine + Simethicone Syrup 30ml, Cap.
There are some medicines that help with the symptoms like simethicone, probiotics, anti-spasmodic medications for the pain and some anti-depressants.
In response, we have developed several O-T-C first-to-market soft-gels, including Severe Cold & Flu Day-Night and Simethicone 250mg.
There are also some over-thecounter medicines which can help if your flatulence is troublesome, such as charcoal tablets or Simethicone.
75 g potassium chloride; 30 ml simethicone emulsion (1 ml emulsion containing 40 mg simethicone); scopolamine butylbromide, 20 mg/ampoule and an Olympus CF-Q260AI colonoscope (Japan).
Consequently, the patient was managed with a standard treatment of gastrointestinal decompression, complete parenteral nutrition of glucose amino acid and lipid emulsion, and simethicone and lactulose inserted once a day through the stomach tube to augment the decompression.
In 2007, Savino, et al, conducted a prospective randomized study and found that Lactobacillus reuteri improved colicky symptoms in breastfed infants within 1 week of treatment, compared with simethicone.
In addition, according to some regulation the use of abbreviations in medicine brand names might be acceptable if they add information about the medicine (for instance, the abbreviation S in the case of the medicine Kompensan S[R], might be considered useful for patients and health professionals, as a way of noticing the presence of a particular substance; Simethicone, in this medicine)2,7.
He took 30 mL of Mylanta (aluminium hydroxide 200mg, magnesium hydroxide 200mg & simethicone 20mg) without any improvement in symptoms.
The Question: Is magnesium alginate plus simethicone an effective treatment of gastroesophageal reflux (GER) in infants?
An anti-gas medication like simethicone can help, as does eating slower.
Patients who do not respond to sucralfate or triamcinolone acetonide or are in need of more pain control are prescribed with "magic mouthwash" (consisting of equal parts of viscous lidocaine, simethicone [Mylanta or Maalox], and diphenhydramine applied three to four times per day to the ulcer with a cotton tip applicator, or patients may swish and spit).