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n. Slang
A dollar.

[Origin unknown.]


(Currencies) American slang for dollar


(səˈmoʊ li ən)

n. Slang.
a dollar.
[1895–1900, Amer.; orig. uncertain]
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The subsidies will also clue Americans into the fact that when the simoleon spigot is turned off in 2016, their insurance rates are going to skyrocket, as ObamaCare opponents have long predicted.
With good performance and preparation, my Sim can be promoted to blogger, then freelance writer, advice columnist, regular contributor and on and on, all the way up to best-selling author, and all of the simoleons that go with that lofty title.
The loans, in case you weren't paying attention, were for more than a million simoleons and were given to TC by two of the more New York-valued institutions, Goldman Sachs and Citibank.
So a mod has been uploaded to set the bills to constant 100 simoleons - enough time for the player to save funds before going back to default.
Convince your customers, convince your carriers, convince the public that the role you play is simply too important to factor out in the quest to save a few simoleons.
I was flush with Simoleons -- the game's goofy currency -- from selling their novels and masterpieces in the mail.
And if you want to spend Simoleons - the game's currency - finding items is much easier thanks to the search bar (no more long lists).
There's also lots of new ways to build - whether it's a lavish five-star resort, a bungalow on the water or a paddleboat - this injects new life, and that's even before you receive the first hotel review from the Simoleons.
Surely, this is not less than 10 simoleons per person?