simonism, simony

the practice or defense of the selling of church relies, preferments, etc. — simoniac, simonist, n.
See also: Catholicism
the practices of simony, especially the making of a profit out of sacred things. — simonist, n.simoniac, n., adj.simoniacal, adj.
See also: Religion
the sin or offense of selling or granting for personal advantage church appointments, benefices, preferments, etc. — simoniac, simonist, n.
See also: Church
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Mill intrigued by Saint Simonism's philosophy of history.
For a very brief moment, the beginning of Fritz Lang's Metropolis captures in brilliant visual terms the transition from Saint Simonism to a Marxist critique of capitalism.
Simonism or any system whatever approaching them," and dismissed Louis Blanc's plans for state-sponsored workshops as "centralization in its worst form [which] would interfere in every man's business with a minute despotism more intolerable than that of the old Paris police or the Holy Inquisition.
He became caught up, at various times, in the swirling intellectual currents of his day: Saint - Simonism, liberal Roman Catholicism, Swiss Calvinism, scientific skepticism, and positivism.